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Thank You

Thursday, November, 22. 2018

Photo Courtesy: Apartment Therapy

My 8 year old daughter wanted to give me a gift for this Thanks giving day. And this time, she wanted to go to the store all alone and buy something that she likes and hopes I would like too. The idea was so sweet to me but at the same time I feared sending her to the store all alone. Although, the stores are very close from my house, I can even see the side of the store and it is very safe here, I still panicked and then agreed that I will come along with her but not enter the store. So yesterday afternoon, we mother daughter went out, she with a cute canvas bag as her shopping bag and 10 Euros from her pocket money in a pretty pink vanity bag of hers. I went to the grocery store beside this to buy some groceries. A few minutes later, when I was in the check-out line, I saw her standing outside the grocery store, with shimmering eyes and smile on her face, waiting for me. 

She has not only bought a gift for me, she has also requested the lady in the store to gift wrap it and bring back the change. All in dutch. I was so proud of her. Later in the evening, she requested me to open the gift wrap because none of us could wait till the Thanksgiving day. And you know what it was inside: a set of 2 beautiful white and blue tea towels (she knows my favorite color is blue). Along with a small letter saying “Thank You” to me. Can there be any better thanksgiving gift in the world?

Photo Courtesy: Sheknows

If you are worrying too much about Thanksgiving decorations at the last minute or if you are not a great DIYer, here are some beautiful pictures that is very inspiring and also easy.

Photo Courtesy: Decoist
Photo Courtesy: DigsDigs
Photo Courtesy: DigsDigs
Photo Courtesy: DigsDigs

Thanksgiving for me is just to say thanks to you, to my family, friends, relatives, neighbors, to the world. It need not be stressful. You do not really need to worry much about unique decorations or food. Good food that comes from the core of your heart, love and warmth is all you need. Enjoy life!

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