Saturday, July 20, 2024

An inspiring studio in Sweden

Hello, Hope you all had a nice weekend. Mondays are always most difficult days for me, especially a winter gray Monday morning. I thought I will make my Monday morning cheerful by looking at this tiny studio in Sweden. Although it’s a teeny tiny one, only 36 sq. meters to be precise, it is a very charming one. In this one shot below, you can see the entire studio.

Do you notice the closets that divide the bed and the kitchen area? So many ideas to steal be inspired.

The MALM dresser above serves a nice place for storage and looks very compact.

Here you can see the view of the living room from the Bed.

What I find most interesting is that, in such a small compact space, they have fitted a sofa, a bed and also a proper dining table. I love those thonet chairs.

I am wondering what that door is for at the end of the kitchen. Such a small space, but they have still managed to fit a full size refrigerator.

Oh How I love herbs on the kitchen counter. I am wondering if Rosemary can survive in this low light. Or perhaps they move the herb to the sunny living room windowsill. 

I believe this is the Ektorp love seat. I am also fascinated by the greenery in this small studio. It just feels right. Not overdone. 

They even have a coat and shoe storage area. In my house, I am still struggling to find a proper coat and shoe storage.

I am always intrigued by small space living. This place shows so many ideas and at the same time, is very stylish. This is an example that shows that you don’t really need to compromise on style even if you live in a small space.

I found this on Entrance.

Happy Monday. 

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