Thursday, December 01, 2022

A Simple Modern Half Wreath

Photo Courtesy: Paper & Stitch

It’s almost time for Christmas! The time for the pine cones, candles, smell of cinnamon, and Christmas decorations. This year, I am somehow very inclined to keep things simple. And I am loving this simple half wreath concept that I am seeing every where. 

Photo Courtesy: Rare Bird Designs
Photo Courtesy: Bekleidet
Photo Courtesy: Makers Society
Photo Courtesy: The Merrythought
Photo Courtesy: Decor8
Photo Courtesy: homedit
Photo Courtesy: Etsy
Photo Courtesy: The Boozy Bungalow
Photo Courtesy: A bubbly life

What do you think of all these wreaths. I found all of them simple and timeless. This year I (with my daughter) am going try make one of these simple ones. I will come back with my result. Happy wreath making (or hunting!) 🙂

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