Thursday, June 13, 2024

Design with Black and White

via: Bolig

Off late, I am very much drawn to the monochrome colors, especially the contrast between black and white. I am planning to paint the wall in my living room behind the sofa as black. The white sofa will be a good contrast I believe. Also, in my kitchen I am wondering if I should paint the yellowish cabinets as white or black. Before I delve into something, thought of doing a research. This might be good for you too if you are also planning something like this. Black is a very strong color, so before committing, I really need some inspiration.

via: Home Designing
via: Hausdekorationsideen
via: Fancywindows.blogspot
via: Homedit
via: Apartment Therapy
Via: Pinterest (I coudn’t find the source, If you know, please let me know)
Via: Etsy
Via: Amber Interiors
via: eRika Interiors

What do you think of all these? I am just in love with the black and white contrast. That drama that black and white creates is incredible. Besides, I find black and white a classic combination, that is time less and will not fade as a passing trend.

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