Thursday, June 13, 2024

Ceramics in interior design


Hello, Hope you all had a nice weekend. It’s already December and the Christmas markets have started already. We went to Oberhausen, Germany to look at a Christmas market and get a feel of the Christmas with a Gluh Wein. I discovered a store with Himalayan salt lamps. I couldn’t resist and bought myself one. That not only gives you a warm glow but is also a nice piece of decoration.

While I am discussing about interior decoration, what do you all think about Ceramics as interior decoration. I have started a Ceramics class a couple of months ago and am totally engrossed. I found some pictures in the internet where ceramics is used as decorations or everyday use. Enjoy.

via: Decor8
via: Apartment Therapy
via: House of Valentina
via: The Prop Dispensary
via: The Kitchen Company
via: Elle Decor
via: Envers du Decor
via: mykukula
via: Hoffz Interieur
Couldn’t find the source of this image. If you know, please send me a message and I will give the credit. Thanks.
via: De Wemelaer

I hope to make equally beautiful one day, some day…. I am positive. 🙂

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