Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Booklover’s Dream

Are you a book lover as I am? Do you have lots of books and wonder where to keep them? Or perhaps you have a huge space and don’t need to worry about your books? Or perhaps you live in a small space and you still mange to squeeze some space for your beloved books. A home filled with books exudes a warmth to me and I cannot or rather do not wish to live in a home without books. Even in this age of technology I like to read paper books. 

via: Futurist Architecture

My house is not as small as compared to many, It’s around 1200 sq feet. Even with this much space I often wonder where to store my books and that too with a style. Here I found some options for eye candy.

via: Avenue Lifestyle

This one above from Avenue Lifestyle is a sort of minimalist bookshelf, but I still like it. I am drawn to minimalism these days (not with bookshelves though) and if you are a minimalist, this can be an option for you.

Couldn’t find the source. If you know, please send me a message and I will give the credit.
via: ArchZine

The above two examples show how beautifully you can use a narrow room or hallway to store books.

via: Nordic Design

If you have just one not so wide wall in your bedroom or living room, this is an option. I am not sure if this is custom built, but you can create this look inexpensively by using IKEA Kallax. 

via: Better Homes & Gardens
via: Elle Decoration

The low bookshelves behind the pink sofa looks like IKEA Billy. Another inexpensive option. The velvet sofa in front of the bookshelves create a luxurious look. The low bookshelves also allows to hang artwork on top of the bookshelves. 

via: My Domaine

The above picture gives a bohemian look and at the same time does not at all look cluttered despite so many books on the shelves.

via: tumblr

Nice way to add some greenery.

via: Lovely Life
via: HandCrafted In Virginia

And finally, if have a very high ceiling, like the picture above, you are real lucky. 🙂

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