Thursday, June 13, 2024

Home and Studio of the Ceramic Artist Ida Svardstrom

Did I tell you that I am an aspiring Ceramist myself? Well it’s a long way to reach that stage. For the time being, other than playing with the clay, I am getting inspiration from the other Ceramists, their homes and studios.

Ida Svardstrom is a ceramic artist in Sweden. Ida worked as an interior designer at the furniture company Mio. She fell in love with clay and turned it into her profession. She was struck by a simple thought:
“Imagine being able to eat and drink from something I’ve created myself.” Well, that same simple thought is the reason I am learning ceramic.
Curiously she started an evening course and soon it was not enough with evening classes every Sunday anymore. She wanted to be a real ceramist.

To read more (if you can read Swedish though), please check Residence

To see her work, please check her website:

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