Saturday, July 20, 2024

Simple Imperfection

I am a perfectionist and no doubt that leads to a lot of stress. Trying to be perfect at all times is no easy task. While learning pottery, I realized imperfection can also be beautiful. Off late, I am trying to let go and enjoy the moment the way it is. It doesn’t come naturally to me, and perhaps to many of you. All these pictures of beautiful handmade ceramics showed me what simple imperfection is.

via: Tumblr
via: Ilariafatone
via: The Prop Dispensary
via: Futurist Architecture
via: ModernPottery
via: Elle Decoration
via: Decoratio
via: Shoener Wohnen
via: Pinterest
via: ModernHome
via: Decoredo
via: Futurist Architecture

See, imperfection can be so elegant….

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