Thursday, April 18, 2024

January Cure with Apartment Therapy – Day 1

January was never a favorite month of mine. For some reason, I always detested January. Sometime in 2012, when I was living in Germany, I discovered January Cure in Apartment Therapy. With many other fellow readers of Apartment Therapy, I started curing my tiny apartment in Germany. Ever since, January turned to be a month of bliss. This is the first time that I am live blogging about this cure.

Today is the first day of the cure and today’s assignment is to clean out a drawer – any drawer. Although most of my drawers need a clean out, I chose my bathroom drawer. I had been meaning to clean and reorganize it because this is the first thing that I use every morning. Here is a “before” picture. I am quite ashamed to post it online.

I cleared the drawer, cleaned it thoroughly and placed a non-slip mat underneath. Then replaced all the toiletries and threw away the used up ones. Although the “after” picture will not be a real pinterest-worthy one, it is still some improvement.

Can you believe I had 7 tubes of tooth-paste? Courtesy my DH. He likes to buy things thinking just in case we run out of it. By the way, the grocery store is only 200 meters from our home.

I store extra toiletry supply in the box on the right side. It has extra shampoo, tooth paste, brush, cotton swab, etc.

I did not have much time today, and in fact this entire week and the weekend I wouldn’t manage enough time to achieve what I want to. So I cleaned out just this one drawer and didn’t overdo it. Tomorrow will be a better one for me because tomorrow is the day to write down goals for this Cure and I loooooove writing down goals. 🙂

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