Thursday, June 13, 2024

January Cure – Make a List of Projects

Today is the day for lists and that’s my favorite. Besides, today is also a very beautiful gorgeous shiny day. What else do I need for this gray and cold winter. The sunshine is awesome. I am severely down with hay fever, but the sunshine makes me smile, and so does my notebook.

With every January Cure, I have realized that the list of chores go down. We bought this house in 2016 November and didn’t really enjoy the January 2017 Cure as I was so busy with my full time job and the moving and all the change. I was so stressed and anxiety was too high to even finish the Cure with a full heart. I did manage some though. The 2018 January Cure was better, but I came back from my holidays by the end of the first week and didn’t start until 10th or 11th of the month. This year I started with full enthusiasm and my severe allergy can’t stop me from enjoying this Cure.

In the Living room, my I re-arranged my bookshelves last year January and had packed some nick knacks away in a box. Surprisingly they are still there in the box and I did not miss them. Perhaps it’s time to say goodbye to those.

I have to see what to do with my kitchen windowsill. Some of the cookbooks are collecting dust. I had been planning to install one shelf for my cookbooks and ceramics in the kitchen. I have one bare wall in the kitchen.

The Christmas tree needs to be placed outside now and all the decorations need to be taken down and organized and put away. Also this is the bare wall that I was talking about regarding the open shelf. I bought this painting (on the left of the tree) and this needs to hanged too. So perhaps a low shelf and on top of that, this painting can go.

As I mentioned above, while starting to make a list of projects, I realized other than regular sprucing up, I don’t have a big list. That’s great. But yes, I have 2 major renovation project this year and that will need loads of money and lots of time and energy. One is converting our attic to our daughter’s bed room. The attic has row of windows and even a balcony on one side and the other side has sloped ceiling. It is now one open space with no door. We are planning on installing some windows on the sloped side and enclosing it with a wall and a door to make it more private, cozy and energy efficient. My inspiration is the following one. I will not have room for three windows though, two will have to suffice.

We will have to figure out a place for a tiny closet as well. The space that will be left out will be really small. My inspiration is something small like the following one.

The other major project is converting the outside shed to my ceramic studio. Something like the following picture, but I have way too less space. That will need major planning. Ideas and inspirations are welcome.

If you are reading this, I would like to hear your views. Wish you a good and smiling day. 🙂

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