Friday, March 01, 2024

Wall to Wall Bookshelves in a Swedish Apartment

It’s Monday morning. After a 2 week long holiday. On a cold gray and wet winter morning. School started again and this morning was crazy. My daughter was reluctant to leave the comfort of the warm and snugly blankets. She made me promise that after she comes back home from school she would surely curl up on the sofa for some time.

I am on track with my January Cure. Today is the day of creating an outbox and putting one thing on it (more on it later). I will clear one of my kitchen cabinets and write a separate post on it. I am not quite ready to delve deep into de-cluttering it seems. What I am doing now rather is gathering some inspiration for wall to wall bookshelves and found this gem of a Swedish apartment.

Loved to look at all those crispy white walls after seeing all these Christmas decorations for over a month. The apartment is so serene but not devoid of any personality. And yes, those bookshelves are gorgeous. How I love Scandinavian design.

Spotted on Coco Lapine Design through Greydeco. Styling for Stadshem and photography by Janne Olander

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