Saturday, July 20, 2024

January Cure – 3 Step Mini Meditation

As you already know by far, January Cure is in progress (if you have been reading my blog or following the Cure yourself). Today’s task is – 3 Step Mini Meditation.

The 3-step task is as follows:

Step 1: Find a spot or a place in a room that you don’t often sit in. This should be the room or area that you most want to improve.

Step 2: Look around, then move around – once you’ve found a good spot focus and observe the room around you. Spend time with each of your senses. Next, imagine removing the “stuff” from that area—the furniture, belongings, everything. Then mentally start rebuilding, adding back in only what feels right and looks good in your mind.

Step 3: Revisit your to-do list – go ahead and grab the list of projects you made last week and choose one that you want to tackle during the January Cure.

This was real easy for me, or so I think. I know very well that the 4th side of my kitchen is not working very well. Here is one painting by Michelangelo (a copy of The Creation of Adam) that we bought a few months back and it is still not hanged. Here is a couple of pictures.

I also intend to add one shelf on top of that cabinet. Just one shelf. For my cookbooks and ceramics that I am making. I gathered some pictures for inspiration.

I know now what I want. What I need is a good shelf – perhaps in black or wood – that will match the length of the cabinetry. On top of the shelf will the painting go. Wish me luck.

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