Saturday, July 20, 2024

January Cure – Art in a Room

It’s Wednesday today and today’s task in January Cure is choosing, framing and hanging artwork for your home. Oh yes, a room with absolute no artwork looks so bare. Art can be expensive though and that might be the daunting factor that some people do not have art displayed (it might be a personal choice as well). To be honest, I have realized in the last few years that art does not have to be expensive. I don’t have to buy commissioned art or from famous artists. Art can be anything that is pleasing and soothing to me, anything that I love. It could be my child’s paintings (I have framed so many of my daughter’s paintings), it could be from a second hand store, it could be by someone whom you love/like/know. It could also be your own painting, photographs taken by you, family pictures, pictures from your travel so something that you cherish and can be framed.

Below are some some inspiration for art in a room:

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