Thursday, June 13, 2024

12 Minimal Bathrooms

Bathrooms, to me, are the space to relax and unwind and clear away your stress. Doesn’t matter if you take a shower or a relaxing soaking on the tub. It doesn’t also matter if you are a morning person taking shower first thing in the morning (like I am) or an evening one – soaking before going to bed. Bathrooms, to me, should be devoid of knick-knacks and contain only those that are either necessary or just enough to give it a luxe feeling, read candles, flowers, bath salt. Bathrooms should be minimal, simple, clean and clear of clutter at the same time elegant and relaxing.

What do you think of these bathrooms? Do you like minimal bathrooms as much as I do? Do you like a shower or a tub? Whatever it is, enjoy 🙂

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