Saturday, July 20, 2024

A House in the Nature – in Finland

Hello, Monday Morning! Hope this was a nice weekend! My weekend was spent mostly on cleaning and organizing and some relaxing at home. It is pretty cold now, but Sun is gorgeously shining. So no complaints. Today, I wanted to post a different house – a house in the nature. I felt like closing my eyes and fly away to a far away country and visit a pretty house – all on my mind. I love travelling but off late I haven’t traveled anywhere, neither did I write about my travel stories. I didn’t even check all the old travel photographs that we took. That’s a promise to myself to look through all the old travel photographs, sort them and post them here. For now, I am travelling to this pretty house by the lake in Finland.

This new home of the Gustafsson family was built by the lake in Rymättylään, Finland. The family also wanted to build two houses of uniform style at the same time, the larger of which is the actual residential building and the smaller is the sauna building with a large sauna bath. The large windows in the home make the interior spacious and inviting. At the same time, they combined the surrounding nature into the home.

Inside, the family can enjoy the beauty of outdoor spaces every season – regardless of the weather. Even in the bedroom, under the warm blankets, you can look at the winter star or the stormy sea in the autumn.

Wow! How I would love to live in that house and look at the lake all day long. And how I would love to visit Finland. It’s in my next-visit list. Have you ever been to Finland?

With thanks from Kannustalo.

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