Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Beautiful House Near The University of Oslo

This beautiful house belongs to Kaja and Petter, very close to the Oslo University in Norway. They bought the house in 2006 while they were waiting to welcome their first born child. The house has four floors but everything had to be absolutely refurbished.

I love that wood cabinet/shelf that spans the entire width of the loving room – some concealed for storage and some for display. Absolutely gorgeous. It creates an illusion of a wider space.The wood also gives warmth to this otherwise neutral room. I love the location of the fireplace and the television. The television is easy to watch from that sectional but also doesn’t become the focal point.

The dining room looks so airy and simple because of all the wood and windows and at the same time so elegant because of the piano placement. That piano is gorgeous. How nice it would be too play it while all the light fills in the room. It’s a bliss!

I love the dark cabinetry in the kitchen and the fact that there are no upper cabinets. That makes the room look way bigger and the daylight gets in completely.

How I love this minimal bathroom. The bathroom vanity was specially designed to span the entire width. The frame-less mirror gives an illusion of more space and light.

Absolutely love this book shelf nook under the staircase in one of the child’s bedroom. Such a brilliant idea.

The loft room is my favorite. Such a brilliant way to use an attic space with vaulted ceiling. The work space under the skylight is so practical. That large skylight lets in ample daylight into the workplace, and starry skies over the evening work. I love it more because I am planning something like this for our own attic. This is such an inspiration!

With thanks from Bo Bedre.

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