Thursday, April 18, 2024

Pantry Ideas

Good Morning, Happy Monday. Hope your weekend was nice! Today in January Cure, the chore is to clean out and organize the Pantry. I did this last week already. I don’t really have a pantry. I have converted the small closet under the staircase as my pantry. The closet not only consists pantry items, it also acts a storage for the extra toilet papers, wet wipes, broom, extra cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaner, pet food, my husband’s tools, my daughter’s school bags, blender, mixer and grinder, coffee machine, grocery bags, extra plastic, even umbrellas, laptops, their cords, cameras and what not. Clearly, it is not very easy to organize and even if I organize it, it doesn’t stay like that for long.

I looked for some inspiration. While I would love to have an organized pantry, I would also have to accommodate all the other non-pantry stuff here till I find an alternative. Happy organizing. ūüôā

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