Saturday, July 20, 2024

Making an Entryway

Hello and welcome again. It’s a bright sunny Tuesday morning. Sunshine really makes my day. I thankful to Almighty for this beautiful gorgeous day after few consecutive days of rain and no sun. I am grateful indeed.

Today in January Cure, it is “setting up a landing strip by the door” day. A functional entryway is very important for a home. We are a “outside-shoes at home” policy. So I definitely need a place to store my shoes. We have no entryway closet, so a place to hang jackets are also important. I am forgetful, remembering what I kept where is a constant battle, so definitely a place to hang keys. Besides, for me the landing strip should also have some place to keep incoming our outgoing mails/paper, a small hand balm and lip balm, some coins, a rug, a small basket for storing winter gloves, mittens and scarfs. And a mirror. Some flowers or greenery is a plus.

Here are some inspiration along with my own entryway. Enjoy

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