Tuesday, October 03, 2023

This Studio Is An Example What You Can Do Even In A Tight Space

Good Morning. It’s Monday morning. Hope you had a nice weekend. Yesterday was an absolute sunny and gorgeous day. I ended up just lazying around in the house, soaking up that bright sunshine.

This studio in Sweden is such a small one but but so airy. It doesn’t feel cramped at all. It seems everything is just in the right proportion. I love that velvet sofa and the contrast of the black kitchen cabinets with the relative neutral design and white walls.

That shoe storage in the entry way is so practical but doesn’t make the space cluttered. I always thought open shoe storage looks messy but this one looks very organised.

Oh! Love that lemon tree. I have a similar tree at home but it had only one lemon so far and is blooming. I hope to see fruits soon.

This Studio just shows what you can do even in a tight space.

Courtesy: Alvhem

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