Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Stunning Modern Home Filled With Books And Sunshine

Hello, Happy Thursday. It rained all day long and the day before and the weather prediction had that it would rain till this weekend. Surprisingly, today is a gorgeous sunny day again. It was still raining in the morning when I woke up and was expecting the same gloomy and wet day as before. Suddenly the cloud lifted and the sunshine filled in my living room. I am literally basking in the gorgeous sunshine. That led me to have a virtual tour of a very sunny house.

This absolutely stunning modern house is in Sausalito, California. The view of the sea from the living room is to die for. And what more – this house is a book lover’s dream. I would curl up on the sofa by the so many bookshelves and be happy and contented ever, day dreaming, soaking in that wonderful sunshine that fills the house. Let’s have a look.

How I loved the method they have used to conceal the television when not in use. I had been thinking of different ways of concealing a television in the living room and this is a very striking idea. Have a look gain below.

Oh the view! Très magnifique! That leads to me day day dreaming. I know will now spend some time in looking for beautiful beach houses and/or vacation rental for the next couple of hours. 🙂 Happy Day Dreaming.

Photo Courtesy: Joe Fletcher. With thanks from OneKindesign through Feldman Architecture.

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