Thursday, June 13, 2024

An Organic Kitchen

Photo courtesy: Avenue Lifestyle

Lately, I had been thinking about the term organic with regards to home design and lifestyle (not just consuming organic food). I must admit, I love the combinations wood, linen, neutral design – mostly monochromatic, handmade ceramic, and indoor plants. While surfing through the internet a few weeks ago, I found this kitchen by Holy Marder from Avenue Lifestyle . I soooo loved it. I immediately pinned it and had been checking the photos almost every day for the last couple of weeks. It is such a soothing one with all the natural elements. Today, when I was searching for pictures for the term “organic” for my own post, nothing else but this kitchen came to my mind.

How gorgeous is that? The natural wood feels so soothing. Below is a picture of the whole kitchen.

I liked the fact that she did not blur out the views outside the window and over expose the photo. And I usually don’t like bare bulbs, but I somehow like them the way they are here. I am considering buying a similar paper towel holder as well.

The black cutting board caught my eyes and I went out and bought a similar one. I am not a person to buy on impulse, but I just could not resist buying this one.

Do you see the beautiful black bowl with garlic in the photo below? I can’t tell if that is wood or ceramic. It is absolutely beautiful. I am going to steal the idea get inspired. Love the linen dish towel hanging from the rail. Love all those wooden brushes. How elegantly all the utilitarian stuff are hanging! Do you also spot the tiny bicycle? I have a similar one on my bookshelf. Mine seems slightly bigger.

Below is the other side of the kitchen which houses the dining area and the refrigerator and pantry.

Even the vignettes are beautiful. All the ceramics are giving me inspiration to make something like these (oh I am learning to play with clay). The tray with the figs is fabulous. Below is a closer picture.

Right now, kitchen renovation is not in the budget, but Holy has inspired me so much that I am redecorating my kitchen with all the ceramics and wooden boards and linen that I have already. 

What do you think about this tour? Do you think it is organic to you? Please let me know your views through the comments section.

To see the full tour, please check Holy’s website here.

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