Thursday, June 13, 2024

Summer House On The Island Of Syros

The view from the bathroom is what caught my eye to this summer house. Well, it’s not summer, I know, not yet. But it definitely is spring. Since yesterday, the weather is warmer and the glorious sunshine reminds of spring. Islands of Greece would be lovely in Spring. My daughter cannot really take the heat of summer but spring is a welcome respite. This Summer house can very well be used in spring too. And yes, you can always dream of summer, even in mid-winter 🙂

Oh that blue sky! And the horizon where the blue of the sea meets the blue sky! I could spend days, relaxing, doing nothing in particular, enjoying the sun and sea, good Greek food and reading, dreaming….

This outdoor space is out of the world. Isn’t it?

And that view. Wow! Just wow! I am lost in my dreams already. To know more about this place, please read here and here.

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