Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Finnish Home with Books and Sauna

Have you ever been to Finland? I have never been to and I had been yearning since ages. What is so special about Finland that attracts me so much? I do not have the answer. I will have to go there to find that out. For today, I am visiting a very modern Finnish house with lots of books and sauna. Well, I have heard that a Finnish house (even an apartment) is not complete without a sauna. Last week, I was checking a listing of a Dutch house and saw a private sauna and I chuckled thinking that it must have been owned or designed by a Finnish. 🙂

The house has so many windows that lets a ton of light in. It is so important in a country like Finland where the winter is so harsh. I like the open feeling and the minimal design. It seems so balanced. And the best part is, from so many windows, you would always feel like you are a part of the nature.

I always love dining options by the window. You could always glance through the windows at any point of time and see the changing colors. Isn’t that heavenly?

The Sauna is in the ground floor and the owners decided to paint it dark to reflect its moody vibe. Loving it.

With thanks from Dwell.

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