Thursday, June 13, 2024

An Australian Home That Seamlessly Blends Inside and Outdoor Spaces

It’s March already and I can feel Spring in the air. I was looking for some inspiration where some homes can seamlessly blend inside and outdoor spaces and I found this house in Australia. Australian homes are good at blending the inside and outdoor so that you can maximize the good weather right in your house. This giant tree in the backyard caught my attention first and then the swimming pool. Let’s have a look.

Love those bookshelves full of books. How relaxing it can be to choose a book from that shelf inside and read happily by the swimming pool, soaking in the Sun and listening to birds chirping. Peace!

How lovely that bedroom window can be. Those floor to ceiling windows bring so much light and air. I would love to have one of those windows in my house and spend the afternoon reading books cozily, all day long, happy and contented.

Photo Courtesy: Studiofour

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