Thursday, June 13, 2024

Scandinavian Minimalism in Darling Point, Sydney

Hello! The Sun is shining gorgeously this morning and I am in happy mood. My yesterday’s post was about an Australian home and I am totally transported to Australia. I started looking for some more inspiration and found this minimal home in Darling Point, Sydney.

Have you ever been to Sydney? Well, I have never but my husband did and he lived in a hotel near Darling Point in Sydney. Darling Point is the harbour side area in Sydney, one of its most desirable neighborhoods. The houses and mansions have expansive views of the harbour.

This house has the minimal Scandinavian vibe, and which is why I so loved this place. I can see tons of light coming in through those windows. Would love to look at all those greenery in the backyard.

Courtesy: Alexander & Co.

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