Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Family Home Around a Lilly Pilly Tree in Adelaide

Hello!. I am totally into Australia this week and this is going be the third house in a row in Australia. What I loved about all these Australian homes is that all of these homes have tons of windows which helps blend the inside and outside. That seems to be the focal point of a home in Australia. Wow! I would love to live in Australia. The house that I am going to feature today is in Adelaide. I was introduced to this name as a child – thanks to the Australian Cricket team. Loved watching the matches on the Adelaide Oval Cricket ground (on Television) which is one of the most picturesque sporting grounds in the world.

The specialty about this house is: the starting point of the renovation of this house as a Lilly Pilly tree in their backyard. After reading this much, I got intrigued. Well, why not? I have never heard about a renovation of a house where the central point is a tree! The family wanted to have views of the tree and a connection to it. So they designed the new home around the tree and placed windows strategically.

The family worked with the Norwegian architect Kåre Krokene of JPE and loved his concept: a clear visual line from the front to the back. As a sucker of light, I would love that concept. Honestly speaking, I have the same concept at home, although my home has a much smaller footprint.

One thing that truly stands out is Scandinavian simplicity. Clear lines, natural materials and so much light from the windows. The view of all those trees around the house must be amazing especially for such a tree loving family. I hope they enjoy this home for the many years to come and create memories. Wishing this family good luck.

Courtesy: Homes to Love

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