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A House With A Touch Of Luxury – Near Clovelly Beach, Australia

Hello, Happy Thursday! It’s a gorgeous sunny day today, although the morning started with rain and gloom, it didn’t last long. It just reminds us that morning doesn’t necessarily show the day. Even if we start with difficulty, disdain, pain, you never know, it might change with the course of time. There is indeed light at the end of the tunnel. 🙂

Last night, while I was reading a book on my bed and my husband was fast asleep, suddenly, from the side of my eyes I noticed something moving under my bedside table and walking. I screamed thinking it’s a mouse. My scream made that thing, whatever it was, to stop and look at me puzzled. At that point I looked properly and realized it’s out hamster Humphry who must have escaped from her cage (well it’s a girl, never mind the male name – I will explain the story another time). My husband woke up hearing my scream and thought I was dreaming. I convinced him that no, it was indeed our Humphry. With sleepy eyes, he went downstairs and brought back Humphry’s cage and managed to catch her (the full story some other time). Thank goodness I was reading the book and I saw her and thank goodness she came to the bedroom and did not wander away anywhere else in the house. Phew!

Now, coming back to my post, I am again in Australia (virtually) and I will continue this week with Australian home tours only. This house is a brand new one completed just last year, in 2018 by Mark Shapiro Architects. The house is a short stroll away from Clovelly beach near Sydney. Clovelly beach is a part of the Bondi walking trail, Sydney’s favorite coastal walk. The walk features stunning views, beaches, parks, cliffs, bays and rock pools. I first came to know about the Bondi beach from my husband when he visited Sydney many many years ago. He walked this trail and ever since I have the desire to visit this place one day, some day.

In any house tour, I love to see book shelves or just books – anywhere. Absolutely love this concept of some open shelving displaying some books and the rest closed to contain the clutter.

This house is another example of how the Australians are good at blending inside and outdoor. What also strikes me is that this house has a limited outdoor space, but whatever space they have, they have utilized it well.

Photography by Tom Ferguson.

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