Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Home With Eternal Spring in Mill Valley, California

Yesterday, I wrote a post on ten outdoor living spaces and I featured this one outdoor space. I was intrigued and desperately wanted to know hoe the interior would look. Luckily I could find the source and here it is – I had to feature this home today. I had been talking about indoor and outdoor blend and which other place does it better than California? Although this place is not in southern California, this is in Mill Valley, near San Francisco. So weather might not be what we usually think of California summer, it definitely can be considered as a place of eternal spring – well that’s what I would like to call it. The winter is never very harsh in this part of the country, unlike the mid-west or east coast.

The cherry blossom tree in the backyard is what caught my attention at the first place. I know spring is in the air and wherever I look, I find this beautiful flower blossoming. Only yesterday I was talking about my days in Foster City, near San Francisco and fortunately I found this house the very same day. I fondly remember the stroll by the lagoon, or a walk by the bay. Sometimes, I would just sit idly on a bench by the bay and see the men surfing.

This house is another example where the indoor and outdoor blends so seamlessly.

Dining space by a window is always my favorite and especially if it offers a lovely view. I can only imagine how cozy and relaxing it would be to dine there and look outside to that beautiful view.

Photography by John Merkl.

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