Thursday, June 13, 2024

An Apartment Right Around a Pretty Square in Gothenburg

Today is one of those days, you know…. raining all day long, no sign of sunshine, very dark and gloomy. I was happy thinking the dark, gloomy days of winter are over, but how wrong I was! I needed to switch on my Himalayan salt lamp once again. I do try to be more optimistic, but days like these just make it more difficult. To make the matter worse, my internet is barely working, so I could not get respite in my online search for sun, sand and sea. With great difficulty, I could manage to find this house in Gothenburg, Sweden, around a pretty square with petunias and yes with a pretty balcony, albeit small. The house was on the market in Entrance, but it is already sold.

Oh, how I love that walk-in closet, even in a small place like this.

The balcony is a slice of heaven. I love the fact that they have kept the balcony so beautiful and useful even though it’s a small one. That gives me ideas for my balcony. I have quite a big one, but it is on the top floor and who will climb to the attic to go to the balcony and use it. It’s in a state of neglect and looks pathetic. I really need to do something with my balcony – perhaps a project for summer! šŸ™‚

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