Saturday, July 20, 2024

10 Gorgeous Roof Terrace Ideas

Happy Monday! After a long week of constant rain and gloom, it is sunny again. Well not really sunny, bit I could see partial sunshine through the clouds. It isn’t raining at least. The moment it stops raining and the moment the clouds clear, I can see signs of Spring. This morning when I was making my bed and the room was filled with morning sunshine, I opened the windows to let the fresh air come in and that time I could hear very well the birds chirping. I can see the cherry blossoms and the magnolia trees blooming again. Spring is wonderful.

That reminds me that we have to start cleaning our backyard, front-yard and the balcony – we are lucky to have a balcony in a row house, unfortunately we are not using it at all. We need to install a proper flooring for the balcony and then start decorating it. We are really fortunate to have such a beautiful outdoor space, so why not utilize it to it’s full glory. Today I am off to get inspiration for rooftop terraces. I hope you enjoy too.

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