Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Charming Turn-of-the-century Apartment in Gothenburg with Moody Blue Walls

Do you like dark colors? Until recently, my choice of color was only white. I still love all white interiors, but somehow, I don’t know how and when, I started liking extreme moody dark walls for contrast. I wouldn’t want the dark walls in my entire house though. I would be happy to have just one room or one wall to serve as an accent.

This turn-of-the-century charming apartment is right in the Skanstorget square of Gothenburg, Sweden. The dark moody walls in the bedroom is the right example of balance. The rest of the apartment is fairly neutral with the exception of this bedroom. I like the contrast of the white “Kakelugn” – which is the Swedish fireplace – with the dark walls. The good news is that this house is on sale on Entrance, so you can make it yours. 🙂

Photography: Anders Bergstedt

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