Thursday, June 13, 2024

Escape To The Wonderland: 10 Window Seat Ideas

I have always wished for a window seat, as long as I can remember. While I never had a window seat, as a child I had my bed pushed to the window and I would spend hours by the window. Windows are my most favorite part of a house. I love long wide windows, as big as they can be. I would even compromise storage, if I get a bigger window in return. When my father was posted in Visakhapatnam in India, (he was in Navy), and we used to visit him for our school vacations, I remember how many hours I would spend by the big window, listening to the whistling trains, or looking at the lighthouse in distance – signaling the passerby ships, or the glorious sunset behind the hills. Good old memories of childhood, hah! 🙂

I can actually go on, about all the time spent by big windows in my entire life, wherever possible. Perhaps I will write a post on that (note to self). For today, I am trying to escape to my wonderland virtually through these 10 beautiful and cozy window seats. Some of them are quite practical and possible, and some of them very dreamy – perfect escape to my dreamland. Hope you enjoy too.

I saved the best one for the last. How dreamy this window seat can be, just by the sea. Oh I wish, I wish!!!!!

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