Saturday, July 20, 2024

Adding A Lemon Tree To Your Kitchen Garden Will Make Your Kitchen Look Prettier And Smell Fresh

Today is a sunny gorgeous Monday and I was tending to my lemon tree. I had a couple of orange trees before and both of them died when i went for a month long vacation. I was honestly devastated because I took great care of them and there were thriving very well. Unfortunately I could not find an alternative when i left for my month long vacation, and hence that unpleasantness, I have had the courage to buy another lemon tree (well, I love citrus trees) and every single morning I count the buds and the flowers.

Lemon Trees can be perfect addition to your kitchen garden. You can grow them small in small containers or you can grow the big ones, depending on your budget, space and interest. My Lemon tree is doing very well so far. Lemon trees are actually not that fussy, I realized. What they do need is a ton of sunlight. I keep the tree in my sunniest location, and so far it is gorgeous. And the smell is awesome. Here are 10 pretty pictures of indoor lemon trees.

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