Thursday, June 13, 2024

Two Smaller Gothenburg Apartments Combined To Make A Bigger Apartment With Roof Terrace

Swedish Apartments are mostly smaller in size but always very practical. They maximize the little space they have got and use every single inch. And they let all the light in. This Apartment in Gothenburg is no exception. The plus is these had been two smaller apartments joined to make a bigger one but the individual entry ways are retained in such a way that future buyers can move it back to its original state if they wish to. The apartment has a strikingly large kitchen, which is not so common with smaller Swedish Apartments. And the best thing with this apartment – Oooo lala, I did a little dance, this apartment comes with its own private roof terrace. What else do I want?

The apartment is in Gothenburg’s one of the newer neighborhoods, but is very centrally located. The area is becoming increasingly car-free and covered with cobblestones; new exciting concepts and shops are moving into renovated premises. The apartment is on sale in Entrance.

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