Thursday, June 13, 2024

An All-white Norwegian Home of Photographer Line Kay

Hello, It has been over a month that I have written any post. I was in India for a 3-week long vacation and oh my, I was so damn tired. I barely had the energy to do anything else. And now here I am again, on my blog, happily. I am enjoying the glorious sunshine back in Netherlands. I will write about my India trip, perhaps later sometime. For now, I am enjoying this beautiful, pristine, all-white home of photographer and stylist Line Kay in Oslo, Norway

She has mostly used natural materials like baskets, linen, wood and pottery and has created an absolute harmonious and balanced home. Sometimes I often wonder about this balance. I know this balance is different for different people – some are maximalists and some are minimalists. I am neither. I like pretty and natural things like – plants, baskets, linens, pottery, art, books. So it can lead to clutter quite easily unless monitored. I am yet to reach that balance.

Courtesy: Femina

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