Thursday, April 18, 2024

6 Guest Room Cum Home Office Ideas

Now that we are renovating our attic and converting it to our daughter’s bedroom – I have the luxury to convert our 2nd smallish bedroom (that was our daughter’s room until now) to a guest room cum home office. Right now I work from the kitchen table. Our attic had a big table and my husband has used that sometimes to work from home, but honestly we did not really have a dedicated home office area. I would now need to research on the type of furniture we might need. We already have a day bed and an Ikea Pax wardrobe along with two dressoirs, but perhaps I need to replace the dressoir with a table. The table has to be a narrow one indeed if we need to open the daybed. Lots to plan. Here are some ideas for reference.

I hope you find some ideas for your guestroom/extra room/home office as well.

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