Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Corner Apartment With Large Windows In Gothenburg, Sweden

Good Morning! It’s a gorgeous day today, however, I am not feeling so bright as I usually feel when it is a sunny day. I am more worried about the pending renovation or rather the half-done renovation of our attic. We have installed the dormer windows on our attic and going to change it to a bedroom for our daughter. However, the contractor who was supposed to work on that ditched us in between and now we are knee-deep in mess, both literally and emotionally. We are hard-pressed for time, as we have a deadline which is not even a month’s time and I do not know how that is going to be completed now.

Well, yes sure, these are part of our lives I guess and to keep myself stress-free for a little while I looked for inspiration and found this pretty apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden. It was on sale in Alvhem but already sold now.

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