Thursday, April 18, 2024

Anxiety And Stress From Clutter?

Does it happen to every one or does it happen to only some people – clutter causes anxiety and stress? I had been thinking about it a lot lately. I write on all my posts these days that we are undergoing a renovation, but I have not posted one single photo of the renovation. I am trying to stay away from the mess, from the clutter and checking those photos and editing and publishing them in the blog means I will have to deal with that mess again in my blog life as well. I had been trying to stay away from it as much as possible – both physically and emotionally.

I often wonder how difficult it is to renovate a house you are living in. There is a saying – today’s gain, tomorrow’s pain. I understand that. And I see so many people renovate houses, make them perfect and then sell them and move to a new house for a new project. My house is not a project for me – my house is my life. My life revolves around my home. It is the place I can come back to every time I seek shelter from the outside world – again both physically and emotionally.

I will perhaps put some pictures of our renovation after it is done. For the time being, I will try to put the mess away form my mind. Because clutter bothers me too much – I am becoming more and more minimal and mindful about my each purchase. I loved ones all the tchotchkes – but now, no more. There is nothing wrong to be a maximalist – don’t get me wrong. All I say is, it’s NOT for me.

I do not follow minimalism, because it’s a trend. I follow it because I want to stay away from clutter. Honestly, I am far away from being a minimalist. My house is full of tchotchkes, that I bought from our tours, got as gifts or just bought from local stores because I like them THEN. But no longer. Does it happen that you grow out of love with your stuff? I guess so. Some are still meaningful to me, and I will treasure them always, but the rest can go.

What I always think is that – you should decorate your house the way you want to. It’s your house after all. No stress of following a trend. In fact if you like a trend and can afford it, go for it by all means. If you love being a minimal or maximal or balanced – your choice. If the only thing that you can afford is furniture from IKEA, or only second hand/passed down furniture -that’s okay. If you only like to buy furniture from big box stores and lack individuality/creativity – that’s also okay. Let’s not feel just intimated by the fact that what other’s will think. We do what we can do.

It’s our lives after all. Let’s all be happy with it and be thankful that we have a home – a shelter, doesn’t matter how big or small, how gorgeous or awful. Have a happy and blessed life!

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