Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Refreshed Mind

Hello All, Welcome back. It’s been a long time that I have written a post. It long overdue. The Summer is finally over and I can feel the fall weather already. It’s a gorgeous shiny day, with sunlight beaming through my attic windows. That reminds me, the attic renovation is finally over. I will write about the attic renovation on a separate post, for now I am soaking in the sunlight on my attic room and slowing sipping my cuppa. It’s heavenly.

I had thought of refreshing my mind in the summer, unfortunately summer was too busy for me, mostly the renovation part and then the house was full of guests and I had hardly any time to reflect on my thoughts. I did not spend any time on my blog either. I had great plans of re-evaluating and coming up with new ideas about the blog and life as such. But things came in the way and my plans got derailed. But sweat now, now is the time.

For an introvert, it is very important for me to have some alone time and space to myself, without which I cannot function. I had been reading a lot about the lives of introverts these days and perhaps it only makes sense to write a blog post on that. It is not really a home design blog post, but my blog is about life, about better living, about mindful living, about self care. My blog is also about my passions – and travel is one of that. I have neglected this part of my life for long. I intent to write more about my travels in this blog.

It’s a new beginning and I intend to open the windows of my mind. I will have to see what all opportunities life has for me. I will also have to see in which direction my life will flow. This blog was the initiation and now that I have spent a few months on it, I need to follow the inner call and make a deep dive. I hope this fall gives you fresh hopes as well, for hope is an important integral in our lives. I hope that your minds are refreshed as well after the summer or perhaps you are making notes to yourselves about the priorities of your lives. Whatever you do, don’t forget to dream and hope. 🙂

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