Thursday, June 13, 2024

A Historic Home In Stockholm

Good Morning! Till end of August it was very warm here in Netherlands this year. But there is suddenly a nip in the air right with beginning of September. It reminds me fall is approaching. The other day I saw a lady buying some small pumpkins for decorations. It was still very hot that day and I thought – already? But today is the “decorate with pumpkin day”. I am actually happy to welcome Fall.

Today I came across this house in Stockholm, It’s a historic house in one of Stockholm’s one of the most sought after locations and the best part is – it’s on sale at Historiska Hem. In case you are in the market for buying houses in Stockholm area, you are in luck. And if you have no plans to buy a house, especially in Stockholm, please feel free to navigate the historic house just to get a feel of the house.

I love the details in the house. That backsplash is so soothing and moody at the same time. I do not know though if it is easy or difficult to clean.

This work space is so moody. I love how an attic room is converted into a work space and how brilliantly they have used black here.

The bathroom is the best part. I really wonder how people come up with innovative ides of storage when the live in very small spaces without sacrificing the decor part. Lovely!

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