Saturday, July 20, 2024

A Light Filled Swedish Apartment With A South Facing Balcony

Good Morning! Hello Monday! It’s glorious day again. I realize how much light changes my mood. I see everything differently depending if the Sun is shining or not. This is the reason we renovated our entire attic floor and added dormer windows to the -east and south facing side. We could have done without these dormer windows, it would have saved us a lot of money. But boy! how much difference it makes with these windows I cannot really explain. (I need to post some pictures of my room soon). And now I am happily typing this post in this sun filled room.

Because I am such a Sun worshiper, I love places with a lot of light, even though they might be smaller in size. A south facing balcony or window is a dream come true. Before we bought our house, I made it a point to only look at south facing houses. It took us some time, but we indeed found such a house. This apartment in Sweden that I am sharing you all today is such a gem. I couldn’t resist but sharing this one first thing today and I had to start with the picture of that balcony.

The rest of this apartment is beautiful and sunny too with such big windows. I love this Swedish concept of letting light in as much as possible. This apartment is on sale in Alvhem.

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