Monday, December 04, 2023

Styling with Round Bookshelves

Hello! Books are my integral part of living. A Home without books is not a complete home (to me). I know technology has advanced so much that you don’t really need physical books any more. I somehow love the sense of touching and feeling a book in my hand. The smell, the touch, the look – oh these are soothing for me.

I have had several bookshelves in my home and I am always re-arranging them. Recently, I saw a house tour and fell in love with their round bookshelf. Before that I had never seen (or perhaps notices) a round bookshelf. This photo (below) was so captivating for me that I kept on looking and coming back to this page. Yesterday, while window shopping on my way to pick up my daughter from school, I stumbled on this similar bookshelf that I had seen in that house tour. This morning I had to look up the internet and find all the round bookshelves and how they have been styled. Here is the picture that initially caught my attention:

Round bookshelves can themselves be an accent piece. You can even place other knick-knacks – like plants, candles, pottery(you name it) if you have or if you are not so fond of physical books. I am so much in love with these spiral book cases that I absolutely want one in my home…. 🙂

I just love this built-in one. And I love how beautiful it looks with pottery. Pottery is my another love.

This last one is really different. I have never seen another one of this. So unique and stores so many books in that small space. Incredible! Do you like any of this?

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