Thursday, June 13, 2024

Time to Think About the Fireplace

It’s Autumn already. This year summer was quite scorching. But right with the beginning of September, the weather cooled down and now it’s definitely fall weather. Some leaves have started to fall. Although in this part of the world, fall color is not so evident as I witnessed it in the Nedw England in the US. I lived near Boston for several years and the fall color was mind blowing. Once you have lived in that part of the world and have witnessed that riot of color, no other fall color seems better. Well, I might dive down and try to dig the photos we had taken on our trip to Maine and Vermont and New Hampshire and Massachusetts. For now, I have to be contended with just the feel of fall and I might bring some pumpkins.

With the onset of fall, I am already feeling a little cold and wondering about Fireplaces. In my last rental in Netherlands, I had a fireplace. That was the only place that I have lived with a fireplace. I have always wanted a fireplace in my home, but never had the luck before my last rental. Now I own a house but sadly this house does not have a fireplace. I had been thinking of buying an electric one. As much as I love the old traditional fireplaces, I am somehow loving all these modern options.

This winter, I hope to have a fireplace in my home to keep me toasty and warm. Do you have a fireplace at home? Do you use it if you have one? If not, do you also long for a fireplace? I would love to know. 🙂

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