Thursday, June 13, 2024

Home Design for Introverts

Often, we talk about bringing outdoors inside or rather how to blend outdoor and indoor areas. Even I have written many blog posts on Australian homes which are so good in blending. However, there is another aspect which we do not talk about much – how homes can be built or decorated according to your personality type. Is it really needed? Well, I believe so. Homes are our recluse – for both introverts and extroverts but especially true for introverts. When the outside world gets too overwhelming, it is our homes that we seek shelter, that gives us comfort and re-assurance. Isn’t it very natural that our homes should reflect our personality?

Let’s see, what does an ideal home for an introvert like me has to consist:

  1. A Place to just relax and unwind.

2. A dreamy window seat to look at the world as it goes by.

3. Open but closed off space like this one below. My Kitchen is ideal that way. It doesn’t have a door but it’s on the long section of the L-shape. You cannot really see me cooking, but at the same time it is in the same room with the living and dining space.

4. A Study nook definitely, filled with books.

5. A place for music or your passion whatever it is.

6. An outdoor space, which doesn’t need to be over the top jazzy.

7. A desk by the window – yes for sure.

8. A place for your hobbies/art/craft – where you can let it be a bit messier (or super organized), where your creativity flows.

9. A cozy and calm bedroom to get a goodnight’s sleep

10. Last but not the least, a relaxing bathroom.

But, what to do when the dwellers in the house are of different personality? If an introvert lives with a full family of extroverts or the other way round, how do you really design your home? Let’s explore that another day. If you are reading this, I would like to hear your views.

Wish you all a happy weekend! 🙂

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