Thursday, April 18, 2024

Adding a House Plant Changes Your Environment

Hello! It’s already Thursday. Yesterday was teachers’ appreciation day at our school and we decorated the table with fall theme. Many parents were able to join and we had so much food that we could not fit all the desserts on the table, so we had to leave the dessert on the side table. We had loads of pumpkins to decorate with and that looked awesome. I hope the teachers liked it.

While talking about decoration, I would like to add my opinion on houseplants. I am absolutely obsessed with plants, especially houseplants. I love taking care of them. I can spend hours in a nursery or garden center. This Sunday, I was at our local garden center when I noticed a baby fiddle leaf fig tree. I had been wanting to buy this one since ages, but somehow my husband wasn’t convinced. Well, we did manage to buy some others though. I love how adding a plant changes your environment drastically. Some of us are lucky to have a backyard or balcony or some outdoor space, while some people do not have any outdoor space at all, not even a teeny tiny balcony. I am sure though, you can still add a plant or two unless you live in a dungeon or cave-like place. Even with north facing windows, it is still possible to grow some low-light plants. The options are endless. It all depends on your interest, space, willingness and priority. It could be just one big plant like a fiddle leaf ficus or olive tree. Or it could be some flowering plants like orchids or seasonal that you keep changing. It could be small cluster of plants on your windowsill or just some herbs on your kitchen window. Here are 10 picture to illustrate my point:

So what do you think?

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