Thursday, June 13, 2024

Natural Minimalism in this Danish Designer’s Apartment

Hello! Finally Friday! I had been so desperately looking towards it. This was a very busy week. Although, this weekend is going to be super busy. It’s the festival week that happens only once in a year. Although, this happens only once a year and we eagerly look forward to it, I am somehow too tired and anxious and nervous. I want this weekend to quickly go away. Yes, perhaps the characteristics of a typical introvert!

The weather today is another reason, or perhaps the most important reason for my grumpiness. It’s been raining on and on and on and throughout the day it will continue like this. The gray sky and the pouring rain makes me feel sick and depressed and anxious. I have to seek solace in my beautiful house tours and blog. Yesterday, while writing about the indoor plants, I came across this house tour in Designsetter, and couldn’t help but sharing. This is such a minimal apartment with natural materials. It looks so organic, modern and at the same time elegant and classy. This apartment belongs to the Danish designer Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen and co-founder of Norm Architects.

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