Saturday, July 20, 2024
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Showing Gratitude And Appreciation To My House

Hello Hello!!! Today is October 14th and exactly 3 years ago we bought our house. So it’s sort of our house’s birthday. Ha ha! We love to celebrate our houses’s birthday by buying a gift for the house or taking a little extra care. By gift. I do not mean adding another clutter object though, it’s mostly flowers or candles which we can use up. I find it as a nice way to be grateful and show our gratitude towards the house – the shelter that we get, the beautiful life that we share together. I love my house, I honestly do and I take great care of it. I wouldn’t want to leave this house for a better one, just for the sake of changing it. I will move only if I am moving away from this country, or if I have to (God forbid that I don’t have to leave this house).

I believe, it doesn’t matter if your home is big or small, more important is if it serves YOUR purpose. I know there are so many homeless living in this world out somewhere. Considering that, I find myself blessed that I have a home that I can call my own. It also doesn’t matter if I have a big garden or just a teeny tiny balcony as an outdoor space. Sometimes I do wish for a great view, especially a lake or sea view from my home, while the only thing that I see is more houses, not really a great view, but then I remind myself – I have all these beautiful trees to look at, the sky and it’s changing colors from my attic room – what more do I want?

Some times, I like to light candles, especially in the winter months to make my house cozier. The bookshelves that fill my living room, the touch of the soft blanket on my feet when I am on the sofa reading or binge watching – can’t trade these small luxuries for anything else in the world.

For an introvert like I am, my house is my haven. I seek comfort and security when the world outside seems busy and overwhelming. Whenever I come home after a busy day or even after a vacation, I find it re-assuring and comforting that my home is there for me and waiting for me. The flowers and the other greenery from the farmer’s market that I keep on buying brings color and freshness. It helps me not to go overboard with other decoration or knick-knacks.

When we signed the papers 3 years ago for home ownership – I didn’t realize this home would bring us so much joy. I have even started my blog and some hobbies after I moved into this home. I have great plans for life and this home and I only hope those plans and dreams will be successful, but even if they don’t – I am just happy and grateful to life that I have this home and my lovely family to share this home with.

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