Thursday, April 18, 2024

A Swedish Home With A Greenhouse In A Picturesque Neighborhood

Every Saturday morning, when i drop my daughter to her art class, I never fail to marvel at a house with a greenhouse extension. The house is a pretty small one, but the greenhouse is what catches my attention and I make sure that I turn my head and appreciate the beauty every time I pass that house.

Have you ever thought of having your own greenhouse? While looking out from my living room to my backyard, I always see our shed. The shed is full of mostly junk. True, it also holds our bikes, all the big garbage bins, extra storage, garden gears and what not and without that shed I don’t know where to stow away all those stuff. However, if I could look outside to a greenhouse and grow plants all through the year, how nice it could be. That would be my ultimate dream coming true. While I can never add a lake or a mountain to my backyard, I can always try and add some greenery, can’t I? I can dream of course. This detached house in Sweden comes with one such greenhouse. Added advantage, it’s in a picturesque neighborhood. It’s on sale at Alvhem.

Honestly, after seeing this greenhouse I feel like it’s not too difficult to add a greenhouse to your backyard (provided you have some outdoor space). The greenhouse need not be very big, it could be small and simpler one. Now I am sure I am going to research on my next project extensively: how to convert your shed to a greenhouse. 🙂

And talking about the picturesque neighborhood. What a view!

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