Thursday, April 18, 2024

Charming Apartment in Gothenburg, Sweden

I have never been to Sweden, but if I could, I would definitely visit Gothenburg for all its architecture and design. All the apartments and houses that I see in internet are full of design ideas – more importantly exactly just the way I want. And most of these apartments and houses are so small but there is no lack of design. That just proves that to decorate your house the way want, you don’t really need a bigger space. This apartment in Gothenburg is another example and is on sale on Alvhem. How I wish I could re-locate to Gothenburg. 🙂

And I adore that kitchen because it reminds me of my tiny kitchen in Germany. My kitchen had that layout with that small table at the end minus the other side. While my kitchen wasn’t very functional with an under the counter refrigerator and no freezer, it looked very pretty with a small table at the end and morning sunshine pouring in through those gorgeous windows, which had beautiful floor-length curtains. It was nice if you just ate bread and cheese or warm up take-outs, although I managed to cook every day all our meals for our small family of three. But yes very pretty and I would take so many pictures of that teeny-tiny kitchen of mine. Now I am being nostalgic.

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