Thursday, April 18, 2024

Adding Greenery To Your Entryway

Hello Monday! The week and the day started with heavy rain and gloomy weather. The good thing is that it’s the fall vacation week. So no school. The gloomy weather made me wonder what else I can do to lift my mood. And you guess what – coming up with newer ideas for our entryway.

Our entryway is small and narrow and full of shoes and coats and hats and mitten and what not! While I keep on organizing these stuff, I realized adding one greenery does change the look. There is definitely no alternative to de-cluttering, so adding one more item would add to the clutter – right? No. I bought a baby fiddle leaf fig for my daughter’s room – Yahoo! (More on that baby fiddle leaf fig later on another post). After I brought it home, I casually left it on our entryway before I can take it upstairs to my daughter’s room. You know what – it immediately lifted up our entryway’s look. I can’t really keep the fiddle leaf fig in out entryway – there’s not enough light, but I am sure there are several low light plants which I can buy for our entryway. Let’s have a look at how adding greenery can change your entryway.

1.I love olive trees – I have a thing for them which I cannot explain. If you have enough space and enough light – adding an indoor olive tree is definitely a good idea.

2.This entryway is a long and narrow one, hardly a place for a bench but I love how the owners have added just a small plant and placed it on the bench.

3.This entryway doesn’t really have a big plant, but just a vase of greenery/flowers, but I love that jungle wall mural. If you have absolutely no space to add any shelf or bench, painting you wall or adding a wall mural is a good idea.

4.Here I spot a fiddle leaf fig. Lucky owners who have enough light and space for such a plant.

5.If you don’t like to add plants or cannot take care of them, it is also okay to add just some flowers or branches. The only think in this case is I would worry about tipping over. I would want to place a vase on a high shelf

6.This idea is superb where the entryway is absolutely narrow or you prefer to be minimal. Just add a green wreath to the back of your door so that you can see it from inside.

7.I wish I had this amount of space in my entryway but if I had I wouldn’t miss the opportunity to add a plant or two.

8.The leaves of Eucalyptus on a vase serves the purpose as well when you don’t wish to maintain a plant.

9.If you can fit a narrow console table, adding a small potted plant is all you have to do.

10.This last one proves again that all you need is space for a narrow console table. Now it’s another thing that I don’t have the space for a narrow console table as well because our entryway has a huge heater. But we have a surface on that and I use that surface to hold the plant/vase. Let’s see which plant I can add without cluttering the space.

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